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Our test management services are divided into two main areas: Consulting and ACADEMY.

In the first area, we offer our customers practice-oriented IT services. With more than 35 years of expertise, our specialists provide advice along the entire software development life cycle. We understand the practice and use our knowledge to deliver effective solutions.

The second area focuses on knowledge transfer. We train newcomers, career changers and experts who want to further qualify themselves in test management according to the ISTQB® Syllabus. Our training courses cover roles such as tester, agile tester, test automation and test manager.

This approach ensures that our clients always receive consistently high quality from all our IT experts. Our involvement in both areas allows us to combine comprehensive know-how and practical application seamlessly.

Waleri Moretz

He went through all test and quality management roles according to the international standard ISTQB®. His career started as a classical software tester, but his continuous development led him step by step to agile tester, test coordinator, test automation engineer and finally to test manager and project manager. Over the past 17 years, he has passed on his extensive practical experience to customers. He is currently also an ISTQB® trainer at the WAMOCON Academy and runs various workshops on testing and quality management, ranging from software testing to personal mentoring. In this way, Waleri not only supports newcomers, but also conducts workshops for IT project teams in order to continuously improve the quality of IT systems. This enables his clients to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. He is currently a leading expert in the successful planning and implementation of IT projects in the field of test management with a team of up to 450 employees.

Olga Moretz

Olga is the management assistant and a software tester. She embodies a unique combination of organisational skills, effective communication and deep technical understanding, which makes her an indispensable force in the company. With over 17 years of professional management experience, she has a deep understanding of complex organisational challenges. Her ability to coordinate meetings, organise travel and handle general administrative tasks effectively makes her a mainstay in the management team. In addition, Olga has excellent communication skills that enable her to express her thoughts clearly and concisely. This ability extends to both internal and external communication. Olga’s proactive management support, her clear coordination of workflows and her ability to develop effective testing strategies make her an indispensable employee. Her versatility and tireless efforts contribute significantly to the success of the entire organisation.

Daniel Moretz

As a test manager and test coordinator, Daniel has extensive experience in application lifecycle management. With 7 years of experience, including 3 years as a test manager and 3 years as an ISTQB® trainer, he has in-depth knowledge in the areas of functional and non-functional tests, load and performance tests as well as tests using automation. His responsibilities include test planning and preparation, coordination of test execution and reporting. Daniel supports communication between testers and developers, conducts workshops and meetings on identified defects, prepares reports and provides information to stakeholders. Daniel’s other tasks included creating test cases, defining test data, recording customer requirements from the department, carrying out integration tests, system tests, acceptance and regression tests, etc. He also had to create automated test scripts. He also had to develop, execute and maintain automated test scripts and analyse and fix errors in these scripts. In his work, Daniel actively uses testing methods such as the V-model with an agile approach based on the SCRUM and SAFe methodology.

Nikolaj Schefner

Nikolaj has gained extensive practical experience through his work as a tester and test coordinator in classic and agile projects. During his 7 years of project work, he has used various test methods such as the V-model and SCRUM (agile). His tasks currently include the creation of technical specifications, test concepts, test cases and test data, the acceptance of customer requirements by a specialist department, the coordination and execution of tests in integration, acceptance and regression tests, the control of test progress and error handling as well as the estimation of test effort. Nikolaj is also responsible for the documentation and reporting of test results. His qualification in test management is confirmed by four acquired ISTQB® certifications in classical and agile methods as well as practical experience in projects. In addition, he has 3 years of experience as a test manager and 3 years of experience as an ISTQB® trainer.

Erwin Moretz

Erwin has extensive experience in the IT industry: 7 years as a tester, 3 years as a test automation engineer. In his projects, Erwin ensures error detection through the use of test techniques in various test phases. His tasks include the creation of test cases, test data and the acceptance of customer requirements by a specialised department. In addition, Erwin is responsible for the execution of tests in various phases such as integration test, system test, acceptance test, regression test, load and performance test, E2E test. Erwin also documents test results, creates defects and monitors them. He is also responsible for developing and setting up new test automation using the capture & replay approach to replace manual test execution. As an agile tester, he has gained project experience in creating technical specifications, test cases and test data for manual and automated test execution. He is also involved in the creation of automated test cases using Javascript for microservices with Rest and GraphQL endpoints.

Lingcen Wang

Lingen is an ISTQB®-certified software tester with three years of project experience. He has in-depth knowledge of the entire software development lifecycle, including test planning, test preparation, test execution and software quality assessment. His strengths are analytical thinking, attention to detail and strong communication skills. With three years of experience in IT projects in the logistics, media and education sectors, Lingen has been involved in various projects including a product launch with Visual FX and 3D animation, the further development of a warehouse management system and the introduction of the DiTeLe app in an education centre. In his current project to implement the DiTeLe application in the education sector, Lingen is determining customer requirements, creating test cases and carrying out extensive manual and automated tests.

Nurzhan Kukeyev

Nurzhan has extensive IT experience in various projects and has sound knowledge in the application of UML modelling. He gained his first IT experience in a pharmacy digitisation project, where he worked closely with the customer to analyse and implement the requirements for an internal pharmacy system with its own laboratory. His intensive involvement with MQTT server concepts and JSON messages deepened his technical experience working on projects with Python3, maths and sensor technology as well as agile development processes. As an ISTQB® software tester with programming skills, Nurzhan is currently supporting the IT implementation of the new DiTeLe application. His tasks include the development of customer requirements, the creation of test cases and the execution of functional and technical tests. At the same time, he is working on a large pan-European project as an ISTQB® agile tester and SAFe test automation engineer. Nurzhan has more than 3 years of project experience as a tester and test automation engineer.

Leon Moretz

Leon is an experienced ISTQB® software tester. His in-depth knowledge of test preparation, test execution and documentation of test results makes him a reliable software tester. His ability to understand complex problems and implement effective test strategies enables him to recognise and eliminate potential weaknesses. In addition, he is characterised by his ability to work in a team and his ability to pay attention to detail. His communication skills and ability to write documents clearly and concisely contribute significantly to the efficiency of the testing processes. Leon is a very valuable employee at WAMOCON, whose experience and dedication are key to ensuring the quality and functionality of software products.

Jonathan Boschin

Jonathan is an ISTQB® software tester with two years of testing experience. He has many strengths that are invaluable in IT projects. His knowledge of test preparation, test execution, test case creation, defect detection, quality assurance of test documentation and reporting make him a reliable software tester. Thanks to his analytical approach, attention to detail, ability to focus on key points and logical thinking, Jonathan is able to recognise errors at an early stage. His strong communication skills contribute significantly to the success of the team. Jonathan is a valued member of the WAMOCON team who is instrumental in supporting and enhancing the quality and functionality of IT products.

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