Become an expert in IT

Das 360 ° Booster System


Convince your client with relevant content and secure your dream project. Our participants secure their dream projects with our Blueprint application template.


Get off to a perfect start with your new project team so that every process runs smoothly. Communication is the key. Learn to explain processes clearly and understandably.


Make your project work relaxed and safe by using structured planning methods. Learn the appropriate control issues to ensure that no detail is overlooked that could force you to change your planning later.

My First Task

How can you quickly and easily obtain the project information you need? Learn the proper procedure and structure to put yourself in a position to complete the task successfully.


A new test case is just around the corner. To make a positive impression right from the start, knowing all the procedures in detail is essential. Using best practices, we show you how to stand out from the crowd and be prepared for any situation.


Time is short, the project is ending and you’re not quite finished? No problem! Our 25+ years of experience is reflected in our step-by-step instructions that will help you overcome even this challenge.

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We have successfully helped numerous individuals unleash the right test management mechanisms. As a result, they have not only gained solid ground under their feet, but have also been extremely successful in their career paths.

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